Monday, 28 October 2019

New Stampin' Up! Paper Trimmer is available for customers 1st November...

Wow I received my trimmer this week and all I can say it wow wow!
I am loving it - can easily cut two pieces of cardstock at the same time.

Now for some information about it:

- The metal cutting blade piece is significantly longer than the old one - a V shape;
- The weight is much lighter than the old one;
- It's about an inch narrower;
- It has a kind of sideways diamond shape opening  at the top that would allow it to be hung for storage - see picture below;
- The cutting guide snaps down to hold it closed for locking instead of a slide button on the end to lock it;
- The extension arm does not need a "foot" to keep it steady when extended;
- The Extension arm, when in closed position allows paper to butt against it at the 6" mark which is great for measuring smaller pieces;
- The 6" position on the rule mark has a little arrow pointing at the 6" line so it is very clear where the measurement is, making the jump from the board onto the extension arm easier to read for more accuracy;
- The extension arm locks into place by pressing down slightly and moving it into a grove at the tip of the arm near the SU logo;
-The "pressure lip" of the cutting guide is in a better position to prevent the blade getting "stuck" when pressing down to hold paper in place for cutting;
- The scoring blade has a better scoring implement its rounded so scoring is very smooth (you can't event tell you are scoring!) and it gives a better score line
-Less likely to cause certain DSP to tear after scoring.
- It's very streamlined and because of its even rectangular design it will be much easier to pack and fit into a storage space in a more compact way.

Paper Trimmer
Item: 152392 | $44.00 aud/$53.00 nzd
  • 15-3/8 x 8 x 1/2" (39 x 20.3 x 1.3 cm)
  • Includes 1 cutting blade and 1 scoring blade.
  • Includes imperial and metric measurements.
  • Ruler and grid protected by durable plastic cover.
  • Point on cutting handle for precise measuring.
  • Right-side grid for cutting thin strips.
Paper Trimmer (item: 152392); $44.00 aud

Customers can order from 1st November 2019

  • Cutting Blades Multipack will be available to purchase in January 2020.
    • Cutting Blades Multipack $21.00 aud/$25.25 nzd
    • Each Cutting Blades Multipack unit contains four blades.
    • Close up of how the arm locks in place by itself - no need to remember the push button

Now a fun video to finish with...

Until next time
Happy stamping
Maree xxx

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